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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's 2013 & Were Still Alive...SURPRISE!

     Okay, so were a week into 2013 and surprise we made it :O -.-' obviously and I'm not saying the world isn't going to come to an end because it defiantly will with the way human beings are rapidly destroying it each second their breathing. According to scientists the only way the Earth would survive would be if humans were wiped off the face of the Earth, which lets face it.. .is not gunna happen anytime soon sooo... .yeah we're all going to die but the timing of December of last year is incorrect. We might not even no until its too late because humans are stubborn and the majority like to live in denial so thats that.

     Anyways, this is my first post since the middle of 2012 when I was in the middle of exams and in zombie mood hah. Well as you can see I've survived that like I said I would and right now I am currently in the Caribbeans; specifically in Trinidad, on holiday vacay from my stressful life back in Toronto ^.^ but will sadly be returning in less than a week.. .so yeah back to reality soon T_T yay! Just when carnival down here is around the corner, I have to head back to continue schooling. I'm planning on taking some baking and pastries programs when I touch back down in T.O that's why I have to leave right before the greatest party of Earth starts and big fetes start :'( sucks I know.. .but what can you do? That's life. I need an education to make a good living right. Maybe in 2016 haha sob,sob(*tear drops falling*) when I'm actually done, DONE schooling. Hopefully it won't really take me THAT long before I come back and enjoy carnival.

    Well I wish everyone a happy new year and that everybody hasn't already givin'up on their new years resolution if they made any!! ;) I wish everybody the best for the new years including amazing health!!!

Cheers xoxo

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