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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day Of School.. :(

Yup it's that time of the year where i pack my bag and head off to school... thankfully i moved back to my orginal high school so I'm happy about that BUT it's STILL school generally, WHICH means yes; homework :'( NOT much to any spare time I'm guessing like i usual had b/c it's grade 11/12(all my teachers are like "Yup, hwk everyday/"A lot of homework" :'(, except for gym =P) so sadly i won't be able to update that often like during summer vacation SOOO I'm guessing MAYBE i'll do 1-2 blogs per month :z I know :( Most likey i'll be informing you guys about the TRA(Teen Read Awards) coming up in my next blog if you're not able to reach that. (Keep voting! ;) Hope you guys had a great summer vacation :D Did it not go by fast or is it just me?! Well it did for me and soo another school year is here and 10 months of school= thumbs-down*sigh*
Well see you guys @ the TRA hopefully!!! Looking forward to it ;)