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Monday, June 11, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again

      It's that time of year again where students(high-schoolers) turn into zombies because exam are literally around the corner.. .and what I mean by 'literally' is that it is the Monday following this weekend, which means this Monday was my last regular [high] school day Monday where I drag myself out of bed forcibly if my snooze button on my I-touch is annoying the ____ out of me routinely. The 18th is my 3rd last exam out of 4 which I will be ever taking in high school.. .which I can't lie I feel pretty stoked about; except the fact that I already have an in-class exam tomorrow[EClass] ;) I just have to survive this week of studying overtime.. .no really.. .like where I can't touch any of my books to read or watch any of my anime shows or ...okay you get the point... .I won't be able to do ANYTHING to my liking because I will be studying my a** off to graduate -.-' So on that note.. Wish me luck... ..and I WILL SURVIVE lol... ..considering I went to prom last Friday and haven't broken down yet about how broke I am, that I don't know after all this studying in the future, where I will find the time or money to get a graduation dress THOUGH we(class of 2012) will be wearing gowns anyway.. .but showing up to the ceremony nude is not an appropriate option.. .so still something on my 'to-do-list'(which can go on for miles) before I pass out of exhaustion of exams and prom happening BEFORE graduation so ta-ta my pretties, I will talk to you once I get through all of this.


              Class of 2012

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