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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Justin Bieber Illustrated Memoir Due in October -.-

                            *Priced at $21.99, the 240 page book will hit stores on October 12, 2010.

Yup.. ...totally excited right? ... like you weren't EXPECTING this sooner or later... COME ON!! geez this is just like him... taking over the box office, charts, billboards and so on like usually; Music, On an episode of CSI soon (ikno! why? i watch that agrhhh!!), a movie coming out, and now a book to HOPEFULLY top it off...and i strain on hopefully even though my "HOPE" 90% won't come true.<--"Hope only leads to despair." is the situation were in right now or at least in this time of AGE where little pre-teens rule over voting for things that ACUALLY MATTER like...awards on T.V were Twilight wins everything because 13 year olds vote till they can't text NO MORE due to numb fingers, ABDC, Teenchoiceawards, SYTYCD, Teenreadawards ...and so on you get it>.<

Now don't get me wrong by the way I'm typing all this, I don't hate Justin Beiber....of course not  i'm even going to his concert this August 21st at the ACC in Toronto.. ... it's just that when Twilight and Justin Beiber starts taking over every SINGLE thing.. and you start hearing nothing eles other than Twihards/R Pat/Kristen and Justin Beiber it gets a little irratating ESPECIALLY  WHEN TWILIGHT WON A LOT OF AWARDS THAT WERN'T AS DESERVED COMPARED TO THE OTHER NOMINEES IN THE PAST AND I GUARANTEE IN THE FUTURE (example; the award for "Best Movie of the Year" in 2009 and it was going up to AVATAR; like COME ONE OF COURSE AVATAR SHOULD'VE BEEN AWARDED THAT).Sadly Beeb's memoir is probably going to be in Bestsellers in October even though we KNOW EVERYONE should be buying BECCA FITZPATRICK BOOK CRESCENDO COMING OUT THAT SAME MONTH AS WELL;) OH! & Nightshade by Andrea Cremer coming out as well i may + (the same day as Crescendo Oct. 19 :o ;) :D

*Well let me know what your thoughts are on this whole thing because i would be pleased to read what you think about whats going on these days!!..^.^