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Friday, September 13, 2013

College Life Begins (Freshman Year)

  So it been some months now and I have some time in computing class right now to update u guys! ^.^ So I'm starting college(no, duh! due to title), thus  a new chapter begins for me and guess what I'm taking?! I'm taking commercial baking and management!! :D So fun so far and im enjoying working in the lab so far and learning the necessary programs such as accounting and sanitation to get my food handling certificate :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jessie J New Music Video- Wild ft. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal

First Music Video From Jessie J With Her Beautiful New Look ^.^ ft. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal
*Very Catchy Song, but expected nothing less of this talented, young lady ;)|
Even in a short amount of time, her outlook to evolving(asides from her shaved head) has impacted her music video visually; which has much of a 'barren' yet very strong and effect-ful look in-comparison to her past music videos: for example, Nobody's Perfect, where the word 'vacant' would not for a millisecond come across ones mind in describing it visually.

Jessie J continues to grow and exceed expectations: and though she may be unpredictable at times, she never tends to be distasteful in what she chooses to do, and that folks is one of the many reason I continue to support her music through and through ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Okay guys, so I know I haven't posted since basically d beginning of de year but here I am! lol alive and well. So to just give you an update of whats happening at d moment: I recently signed a lease to an apartment that i'll be moving into in a couple days with my childhood best friend so that's exciting! I have to go shopping at Ikea for some beautiful furniture! I always looked forward to interior designing since i was a kid! I recently accepted an offer from a college close by for  'commercial bakeries' so I can't wait fo that!! ^.^ And once I get settled into the apartment I want to get a new job at some bakery downtown that I'll love because right now my current job is too routine and I've been there for about almost 2 years, once September rolls around, so I need a new job asap! That will help me with my future career in d future. So busy, BUsy, BUSY right now, which equals very stressful. I just finished a program at a college for 'baking arts' which I've gain some very good experience from. It was fun though I must admit that I missed a couple of classes because I wasn't very 'compatible' with my partner that I was assigned to so I decided not to go to anymore with her by not showing up, which I know seems child-ish b/c I did pay a fee of 600$ fo to take but I really couldn't work with her because it felt like I was just a bystander; I didn't really get to bake AT ALL, so I really wasn't feeling it anymore: got to admit I'm glad I'm done with it. I'll update soon guys, probably when i move into my new unit.

Cheers ^.^

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's 2013 & Were Still Alive...SURPRISE!

     Okay, so were a week into 2013 and surprise we made it :O -.-' obviously and I'm not saying the world isn't going to come to an end because it defiantly will with the way human beings are rapidly destroying it each second their breathing. According to scientists the only way the Earth would survive would be if humans were wiped off the face of the Earth, which lets face it.. .is not gunna happen anytime soon sooo... .yeah we're all going to die but the timing of December of last year is incorrect. We might not even no until its too late because humans are stubborn and the majority like to live in denial so thats that.

     Anyways, this is my first post since the middle of 2012 when I was in the middle of exams and in zombie mood hah. Well as you can see I've survived that like I said I would and right now I am currently in the Caribbeans; specifically in Trinidad, on holiday vacay from my stressful life back in Toronto ^.^ but will sadly be returning in less than a week.. .so yeah back to reality soon T_T yay! Just when carnival down here is around the corner, I have to head back to continue schooling. I'm planning on taking some baking and pastries programs when I touch back down in T.O that's why I have to leave right before the greatest party of Earth starts and big fetes start :'( sucks I know.. .but what can you do? That's life. I need an education to make a good living right. Maybe in 2016 haha sob,sob(*tear drops falling*) when I'm actually done, DONE schooling. Hopefully it won't really take me THAT long before I come back and enjoy carnival.

    Well I wish everyone a happy new year and that everybody hasn't already givin'up on their new years resolution if they made any!! ;) I wish everybody the best for the new years including amazing health!!!

Cheers xoxo