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Friday, August 12, 2011

Music Video of the Week & Summer Vacay UPDATE!

The Music Video of the Week is 'Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony'. Hope You Guys Are Enjoying Your Summer So Far ^.^ I'm hoping to go on a shopping spree very soon in downtown because I'm in desperate need for one especially considering it's actually getting cooler here in Toronto and it was raining really hard a couple days ago! :) New Fall Wardrobe Yay!! :D   Talk to you guys next week for the next music video of the week if not sooner ;)

PS. OHH!! Crush Tourney Just Ended Yesterday Morning with YA Sisterhood and Jace Won This One; Congrats Cassandra Clare!! :D.. .That Manor Scene in Jace's POV.. OMG.. and than on TOP of that the dirty club scene!! :O The feelings are rushing back..AHH!! lol :$ Hopefully Patch Wins The Next One Next Year To Cut This Short Gosh! aha ^.^ Their Both Amazing So I'm Happy & Voted For Both of Them.. .Well AFTER Patch Lost to Ash I have to Admit :P Loyalty.. .Is My Only Explaination.

OKAY NOW.. ...   CHEERS! ^.^

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