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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Short Trip To Trinidad & Tobago!! ^.^

Maracas Bay
I'm Back!!

I would call this 'vacay' a well needed break from reality to visit family back home :) I went to Trinidad for only a week which was SO short and it just breaks my heart when I think that I have to wait till this time again next year to visit them again :'( It's so relaxing and you don't have a care in the world when your down there and just arriving back here in Toronto everythings so 'gray'; all the buildings and serious people >.< geesz. I remember my family and I went down to the beach thinking there wouldn't be a lot of people because it was a Sunday but sure enough a WHOLE LOT of people were down there partying and having a good time like they didn't have to go to school or work the next morning :P They'll just call in with some excuse and thats what I love about Trini people, they know how to have a GREAT time wheather it be a Monday evening after work to Lime(drink) and party at the beach or Sunday when you should be getting ready to go to work the next day. People down here in North America are too serious and boring compared to the Caribbean. I'm already missing them back home so badly. Oh well I guess it's up to me to get a job and save some money to go back there and party ASAP!! ;)

**Time to get back to work and catch up on everything I missed considering it's been about 2 weeks since I havn't hit up school :z
Cheers Guys ^.^

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