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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Thought on Hush Hush ALTERNATIVE Cover!! :D

I can't lie; i LOVED the alternative cover because Patch(Drew) was on it:$ i feel bad knowing someone had to make a decision between the two covers because they are BOTH such great pieces. Hush Hush and Crescendo are NOT like those covers where you can tell not much thinking went into them considering ALL aspects of making a cover for a novel-->*I was walking down the stairs in Indigo when i looked back "like a calling" xD i saw Hush Hush cover on a stand of books and decided that i NEEDED that book BECAUSE it looked so amazing and ran back up the stairs and purchased the BEST book of my life:D yup yup true story;)<3*... so with that im going to say that ethier cover would of been the RIGHT choice lol buhh... i guess choosing the one they did with Nora looking back was still a great choice because that left us with suspense of wondering who's she looking at?, why she's looking back?, is something happening behind her?; a big scene maybe!?, etc. Sooo... yeah that's my thoughts on the two covers=P
* & I'm still waiting here rocking back in forth in my rocking chair with my heart aching that Crescendo isn't out yet and knowing that such a scene is in the book *the cookie* provided:'(* *tear drop* xD @ rocking chair

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